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We power the strategies, insights, and tactics for many of the world’s market-leading brands so they can take their market research, marketing, and brand efforts to the next level

Understand why your customers buy, behave, and make decisions, what they will most likely do next, and identify how your brand and competition are impacted by emerging trends with our cutting edge intelligence.

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A new way to understand your customer

True to life

What people say they will do and what they actually do are often quite different. Traditional Survey Sciences are time-consuming to design, expensive to deploy, and slow to get back. Lelex Prime’s language-based methodologies reveal people’s true interests, opinions, and attitudes (IOA).

Powered by science

All of our models are powered by real-world data and global scientific research. This ensures that the insights you receive are rooted in observable facts. Our expanding knowledgebase spans over 20 countries, >2,000 Scientists, and >23,000 published studies. Pure scientific horsepower!

Rapidly actionable

The world is changing fast… every second of every day, news, social media, entertainment, financial markets, weather, etc. impact our perceptions and how our moods and behaviors change from morning to night. Our models are always current, allowing you to answer questions big and small, at the speed you need.

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Faster. Smarter. More cost-effective insights.

On-demand intelligence

No more lengthy surveys or time-consuming market research projects. Get the insights you need, when you need them.

Unlock hidden insights

Discover the unseen forces that are impacting your brand and category so you can always be one step ahead.

Identify trends earlier

Recognize trends before they become mainstream so you can build strategy and tactics that give you a competitive edge.

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