Meet Lelex Prime…

Lelex Prime is a next generation behavioral research firm that helps companies make more meaningful connections with people and to create experiences, products, and services that resonate on a more profoundly human level.

Understanding what it means to be human is a competitive advantage that goes far beyond customer data and traditional market research.


We use the science of Collective Dynamics to better understand what motivates human behavior. Collective Dynamics studies the use of digital media as part of everyday life. In essence we study the use of language over time to reveal patterns in human behavior.

The result is a higher confidence in product innovation and marketing/brand decisions.


What people say they will do and what they actually do are often quite different. Our processes reveal people’s true interests, emotions, and attitudes.


All of our models are powered by real world data and scientific research. This ensures that the insights you receive are all rooted in facts.


The world changes…fast. And you need to know how to build both long term strategies and short term tactics. Our models are always current, allowing you to answer questions big and small, at the speed you need.

Understand your customer’s

People are customers the brief moments they interact with your brand, but they are humans their entire lives. We expose the human side of being a customer so you can create better products, marketing, and experiences for the humans you call customers.


We study how groups of people communicate, interact, are effected by media, and behave online to generate behavioral models -which are a set of rules that represent how a person makes choices on where, when, why, and how to interact with your product.


Separately, we use aggregate demographic information, scientific research and economic data to create what is called a “synthetic population”. This is a virtual population that is statistically representative of the real population with behavioral characteristics modeled for each “synthetic person”.


We then give each person in the virtual population a behavioral model and use computer simulation to generate how they would interact with your brand and product – helping us confidently replicate behavior patterns across a population.

Built to uncover the “WHY” behind behavior

Human behavior is complex, but the tools we use to understand people don’t have to be. Lelex Prime makes it easier than ever before to identify emerging trends, understand how external forces will affect your business, and identify how to best position your brand for success, all while uncovering the “WHY” behind people’s behavior.

Fortune 500 companies use Lelex Prime for:

Product Innovation

Consumer Insights

Strategy Briefs

Emerging Trends

Shopper Insights

Content Strategy

Message/Ad Testing

Brand Strategy

Promotional Strategy

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