Human Collective Dynamics

Think of us as Archeologists who study digital artifacts that people leave behind on the internet. These artifacts document how people see, feel, and interact with their world from their point of view; allowing us to understand their collective opinions, attitudes, and emotions and how those thoughts change over time. 

This recognized field of study has been led by Lelex Prime co-founder Richard R. Neal II.


Our novel approach to data curation allows us to uncover what’s important to the customer, from the customer’s point of view, in their language.


Separately, we use  demographic information, social scientific research, and socio-economic data to create a “synthetic population”. This is a virtual population that is statistically representative of the real population complete with behavioral characteristics modeled for each “synthetic consumer group.”


To understand category, product, and brand level insights, we use machine learning algorithms and deep learning techniques to analyze data and develop models that illuminate critical areas of focus.

More than just surveys and social listening

While other intelligence companies provide singular insights, Lelex Prime’s intelligence is all-encompassing. By using the principles of Collective Dynamics we analyze what is happening at the Macro level down to the Micro level to uncover insights that others can’t.

This gives you the multidimensional intelligence you need to drive a winning strategy for a constantly changing world.