What do Slot Machines and Candles Have in Common?

We recently did an “Audience Audit Alignment Report” analyzing an MLB Team’s fan base and how that fan base aligns with local Casinos. Our assumption going into this research was that there would be a significant amount of the audience that likely go to Casinos and this MLB Team’s games. We were right, but why we were right surprised us.

Our A.I. analyzed over 33,000,000 conversations, images, videos and more to develop an understanding of the following:

  • Who is in this MLB Team’s fan base.
  • How do they currently engage with Casinos?
  • Why do they go to Casinos?
    Who of the audience will be experiencing life events in the next 12 months that serve as “triggers” to go to a Casino?
  • What makes them choose one Casino over another?

There was a specific group in the audience’s demographic breakdown that made us really interested. We’ll call this group of individuals “The Ryan Group”. “The Ryan Group” consists of approximately 364,000 fans of this specific team that are males, in their late 20’s, trend followers, is politically left leaning, and is active on dating sites. The primary reason this specific group chooses to go to Casinos is to celebrate a 30th Birthday Party.

The highest odds of conversion surround times when he or his friends area celebrating a 30th birthday. Other significant triggers include celebrating a wedding, a bachelor party or organizing a group outing after a break up.

This really intrigued us. We began wondering, “But wait, if I was a marketer at a Casino, wouldn’t I want to make sure these life events actually happened during the Baseball season so I could maximize my marketing dollars?” So we decided to dive even deeper and look at when, specific to this demographic group, are these individuals most likely to experience these life events? Here’s what the data showed us:

30th Birthday Party- Aug, Sept, Oct
Marriage/Bachelor Party- May, June, July
Break-up- Dec, Jan, Feb

It appears the majority of “consumption triggers” for the “Ryan” group happen during the MLB season. Further analysis was done to identify the best way to reach this audience, the types of messaging the audience is most susceptible to take action on, and the individuals that would experience these life events during the season wound up being 29,000 “Ryans”. That’s a whole lot of 30th Birthday Celebrations to be had at a Blackjack Table.

So what do Slot Machines and Candles have in common? Well…baseball of course!

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