A Girl’s Best Friend is a Diamond….a Baseball Diamond. Part 1

We recently did an “Audience Audit Alignment Report” analyzing the Kansas City Royals fan base and how that fan base aligns with Luxury Watches, Diamonds, and High-end Jewelry. Our assumption going into this research was that if you were a company selling these products it just wouldn’t be a huge value for you to advertise as a sponsor for the Royals. Boy were we wrong.

Our A.I. analyzed over 30,000,000 conversations, images, videos and more to develop an understanding of the following:

  1. Who is in the Royals fan base
  2. How do they currently feel about certain brands in the Jewelry Category?
  3. Who of the audience will likely make a watch, diamond or jewelry purchase due to an advertiser using the Royals as a platform? And more importantly…why?

First we looked at the Royals fan base to see what were the top persona groups represented in this audience. We identified 3 different “main groups” of people. We got SUPER granular, identifying insights such as- if the fans go to Church on Sunday? Do they belong to dating sites? And many more Psychographic details that are helpful in truly understanding who a person is.  The 3 groups we identified all buy watches/jewelry/etc for different reasons.

One group – we’ll call this group “The Hunter Group” surprised us as a hot trigger for jewelry but after diving into the data it makes more sense. Turns out this group of guys, (we were able to pinpoint how many of these fans consume 75% of pre-game, post-game, and the game itself giving these individuals a high index as Royals fans) uses the Royals games as a top place to bring their dates. The A.I. identified that these early dates become serious dates, which then become a critical part of a couple’s relationship. Eventually these relationships move to the point of engagement and marriage and….you guessed it, he’ll have to buy a ring!

But why advertise with the Royals?

You see, “The Hunter Group” guys are very, and we mean VERY likely to follow in the footsteps of their friends, what they do, wear, etc. For a jewelry company this means if you get one of these guys…you get many more! Furthermore, this group showed a high alignment to purchase a product in the Jewelry Category based on a brand’s involvement with the Royals specifically. Or in other words, “The Hunter Group” loves the Royals soooo much, that they are willing to modify their purchase behavior or be swayed to go with a specific brand based on a brand’s alignment with the Royals. Specifically, that A.I. noted that De Beers would benefit the most out of all diamond brands due to an already existing positive alignment with that brand specifically.

The A.I. was able to identify much more granular detail as to how to reach them, what medium this demographic most consumes, what type of message will resonate the most, etc.

These insights about “The Hunter Group” in the Royals fan base show how valuable a sponsorship, if activated the right way, could be to a jewelry company.  One thing we continue to see time and time again with our assumptions is not only that we are wrong, but you really can find a “diamond in the rough” when you let the data speak for itself.

We’ll dive more into this analysis in days to come…….

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