Our research has found…..drum roll please….If it isn’t a fruit or a vegetable (where using the term Organic is positive and will invoke a trigger for purchase), DON’T use it! Yes we are looking at you crackers, chips, cereal bars, and other snacks. Here’s some quick hits you should pay attention to if you are involved in the food industry.

    1. This wasn’t always the case. Using the Lelex Prime Trend Tracking Technology we notice that there has been a shift recently using the term “Organic” and how it’s perceived by the public. Organic’s use is no longer at the top of the bell curve, rather it’s on the downward slope and even has negative ramifications if used certain ways.
    2. Using our Relational Memory Semantic Tool we see that “Organic”, in the American populous’ subconscious means “Ecology, Biology, Life, Natural Environment, Environmental Science. So when people see the term “Organic” used on a box full of Coco-Puffs they subconsciously aren’t just confused…they are disappointed, and disgusted at you for trying to trick them! 
    3. An important thing to remember here is your food (or whatever you are selling) may ACTUALLY be Organic! But as we at Lelex Prime always say, “The market is never wrong”, whether your food is organic or not isn’t the point. The point is the American populous perceives this unique aspect about the word Organic when deciding which food to buy. 
    4. Moral of the story- don’t use the term Organic if it isn’t a fruit or vegetable as it will do you more harm than good.
    5. Last but not least, this is a general overview of food groups and the word “Organic” has on the perception to buy or not to buy. As you can imagine there are a LOT of other variables that go into why people ultimately buy a certain cereal bar, yogurt, snack, etc. Everything from the time of year, to the other qualities the food has.

If you would like to learn how your brand and product are impacted by the word “Organic”, email us at lelex@lelexprime.com and get a free report.

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