Pitfalls to avoid in working with AI powered solutions

It’s the hottest “buzzword” of the year. Artificial Intelligence, or “A.I.” is this mysterious technology that seems like the precursor before robots take over the world.  It’s seems like it’s EVERYWHERE. There’s A.I. for supply chain logistics, A.I. for how we grow our crops, A.I. for how call centers manage their employees, most stocks are traded with some sort of A.I., Facebook auto tags you with an A.I. feature, and yes yours truly uses A.I. to make sure you spend your marketing dollars wisely.

Right now we’ve seen a lot of A.I. companies out there selling the technology like it’s some “crazy amazing thing that if you don’t do the A.I. version of something….you are left behind.” In some cases yes that is true, but lost in the “coolness” of A.I. is the practical function of the technology. What we teach you in this blog post will be what to say and what to watch for when you talk to an A.I. company. No matter your industry this type of knowledge will be helpful as you look to beef up whatever piece of your company with the help of A.I..

Question #1: What is artificially intelligent about your solution?

This seems silly to ask a company that’s claims to be an A.I. company. But it’s an important question. It’s important that their technology is doing something that isn’t being currently done on the market. There is a grey line in what is/isn’t A.I. and you want to make sure you are doing something that is getting better over time as well as be a unique value add to what you are trying to accomplish.

Question #2: Can I test it against my current processes?

This is a big one, and will likely surprise folks. The sexiness of A.I. shouldn’t be A.I. itself….it should be that it gives you better results! So if an A.I. company isn’t willing to go head to head then that’s probably a red flag. In fact, come to think of it, whether A.I. or not anytime you are switching solutions you should do this!

Question #3: What does the future look like for your company?

The A.I. typically has a very precise and unique function that potentially interfaces with some optimization capabilities. Throw in Machine Learning systems (we’ll write a blog post on that later, they are technically different). The A.I. company you are talking to should have these insights and tell you where they are headed.

The solution should be 10x better than what you are currently doing. It may only be marginally better than what exists today, but the A.I. should develop to the point that in a short time (ie- 3 years) exponential improvements should be made. When this answer is well defined you know they have a savvy tech and data team powering them.

There you have it….of course we’d be happy to answer these questions for you. Contact us at info@lelexprime.com to learn how we can help you grow your sales.

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