By Dan Scott, CEO, Lelex Prime

In social settings there is a well understood law of human behavior that induces desire. In it desire can be built up, layer by layer, by being available yet elusive, interesting yet disinterested. By showing a flash of brilliance and quickly becoming distant or unavailable the flames are desire are fanned.

The mechanism at work here is allowing the receiver of this brief attention to built their own story in your absence; allowing them to imagine you as better and more interesting than you probably are. Understandably, this tactic works in dating or if you’re a celebrity. But what can it impacts might this have for a Brand?

In days gone by Brands were pretty easily able to make scintillating impressions. There were few Brands, very few mass scale marketers and customers were left to dream about how these amazing Brands could change the world. This was the age of Jolly Green Giants…

In today’s age of information it’s hard to break through the noise, nonetheless present the spark that inspires dreams of grandeur. This creates a real problem for Brands that were used to being idolized, insulated and nearly bulletproof.

Consumers are overloaded with information. They’re being bombarded with weak ads or undifferentiated products that disregard their individual needs.


Lost desire and repulsion from the Brand, we no longer covet their products nor will we. The power dynamic has flipped. From my perspective it’s now the Brands who are watching every trend and tweet with bated breath. Their consumers are so mysterious and their needs unknowable. They must be giants.

A suggestion on what can be done. Brands, more than ever, need to understand human behavior and avoid getting trapped in analytics. Analytics platforms are great tools to monitor transactional information. But understand, that is all they are built for.

Google analytics tells you how your Adwords are performing and social media listening informs what is being posted. Neither were built to understand human behavior, only transactions of data.

It’s time for Brands to take a human-centric approach to understanding who their customers really are as a people. They must account for culture and the social forces that dictate behavior.

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