Every time I go to New York City there is a pizza place that I go out of my way to eat at.  It’s actually not in NYC, but in Hoboken, NJ. The place, called Benny Tudinos, has pizza slices the size of your entire torso. But it’s not the size of the slice that makes it so good, it’s the taste of the perfectly cooked cheese and sauce, along with the near heaven experience of a dough that isn’t too crusty, but at the same time isn’t too doughy.

Every time we walk out of there (I get there about once a year), we wonder, “Out of all the pizza places we’ve been…why on earth is this place SOOOOOOOOO good?” I mean, it’s not like they have a secret ingredient the rest of the world doesn’t have access to. It’s not like they use a cheese that no other pizza places use. I’ve seen the ovens…they look like standard pizza cooking ovens.

So, how is it that amazing? Well the answer is likely a mixed bag of how they combine the ingredients, how they cook the dough, how long they put it in the fire, and an infinite number of other variables that make their recipe for the perfect slice….perfect.

This is how advanced Data Analysis is a lot like pizza making….

When you understand data science… it becomes clear that we all have access to the same data (assuming you aren’t doing anything nefarious). You see, the data gathering process is similar to the ingredients in making pizza. We often are asked, “Where, how, why, and when do you harvest your data”.

While this question is important, and good to know, it’s only step 1 of many. The more important questions are (and in keeping with pizza making example), how much cheese do you put on, how long do you cook the pizza, how do you knead the dough, etc) how the data is structured, analyzed and pieced together in order to find valuable insights.

Or even more importantly… If everyone has access to the same ingredients (data) what is it that you do differently to make your recipe special? Our trick is that we are not chefs in a kitchen worrying about how to spice up the same old dish. We are like chefs free to play by a different set of rules. We are Social Scientists using data to let your consumers tell us all the details about what they want by paying close attention to how they talk about “pizza” online.

A good piece of pizza is judged by how well it tastes. And a good Business Intelligence team is judged by how many real problems they solved for your organization.

If you are interested in seeing how our team can help you with predictive purchasing intelligence, market analysis, predictive ROI modeling, business intelligence or a myriad of other buzz worthy topics contact us today at info@lelexprime.com


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