Ever wonder why people make irrational decisions?

Humans are amazing, we have the ability learn new languages, write poems, to build cities and rocket ships that fly to the moon. We all like to think of ourselves as good decision makers (heck way better than Jim down the street). But the funny thing is Jim down the street thinks the same about himself! And why is it so hard to stay on a diet when you keep telling yourself that’s what you want to do? And why do we find ourselves clipping a $0.25 coupon but won’t drive the extra 5 minutes to save $50 at the store you know is cheaper???

Thinking is hard. We’re all wired with the same biases that make us irrational. The beauty of it all is that these irrational behaviors also make us very predictable (kind of like how it was easy to predict that you’d click on this page even though you knew you couldn’t possibly have access to “restricted content”)

The image below is interactive, just hover over any of the biases and click to read more about it. And when you’re ready, shoot us a note and we’ll show you how we can help make your customers behaviors predictable too.