Recently, our friends at GenWhy Leaders Podcast had us on their podcast Episode #39 to talk about how brands can better cater to their customer’s Human Experience.

Here’s the full episode. Check it out! And check out the other GenWhy Leaders Podcast episodes. Great nuggets of insight from people who are moving and shaking in their industries.

About Lelex Prime:
Lelex Prime is a next generation behavioral research firm that helps companies make more meaningful connections with people and to create experiences, products, and services that resonate on a more profoundly human level.

We use the science of Collective Dynamics to better understand what motivates human behavior. Collective Dynamics studies the use of digital media as part of everyday life. In essence we study the use of language over time to reveal patterns in human behavior.

The result is a higher confidence in product innovation and marketing/brand decisions.

Learn more at

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