In this episode we dive into why White Claw and Truly have a combined 77% of the hard seltzer market, and how Bud Light Seltzer joining the “Hard Seltzer Wars” might have actually helped propel White Claw and Truly’s growth even faster.

We’ll dive deep into analyzing the language surrounding each of these brands, and how the rise of Keto and Mocktails influenced the growth of the Hard Seltzer trend. We also get really nerdy on how language is the key to understanding human behavior.

By studying the complexity and diversity of how humans communicate about a subject (like Truly) we can understand it’s place within their collective mindshare, and thus identify key insights about the trends, brand positioning, and growth potential for each subject. Learn more about Lelex Prime and how we deconstruct language to understand emerging trends, brand strategy, consumer insight and more at:


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