When boring analysis is exciting!

Sometimes when you are looking at millions upon millions of digital artifacts, conversations, images, and videos, the output just isn’t exciting. We recently did a report for an NBA team and were exploring the possibility of using sponsorship as an “advertising platform” for an Urgent Care brand.

Well, the data came back SUPER boring. People, especially the demographics of NBA fans, generally aren’t brand driven regarding visits to an Urgent Care facility. Duh… Can you imagine, “Honey, I have a horrible pain in my side, but I prefer the brand that is 45 minutes away as opposed to the Urgent Care across the street.” Heck no! The decision to visit an Urgent Care is more like, “Yikes I need help! Where is the closest place that takes my insurance.” And that is pretty much it.

So we boringly reported to the NBA team this information. But then the marketers on the team got pretty interested in it. We started to dive into how much Urgent Care facilities’ marketing spends and realized that some were spending a considerable amount of money on marketing initiatives. 

This is where we find boring data exciting…

If you know why people are making purchasing decisions, even in a setting like Urgent Care, then you can begin to identify smarter ways of allocating your marketing budget. Maybe a better waiting room experience will increase word of mouth about your clinic. Or perhaps you can staff more people now and are able to shorten the wait time. There are many ways to spend that excess money that would have been used on ineffective marketing.  How to identify the best way to spend it? Well….our suggestion would be to ask the business intelligence team at Lelex Prime!

At the end of the day this intelligence made the team more efficient in not expending months of efforts in chasing down a poor sales lead and is opening up talks with the brand we focused on to help them become more efficient in their marketing efforts.

If you are interested in seeing how our team can help you with predictive purchasing intelligence, market analysis, predictive ROI modeling, business intelligence or a myriad of other buzz worthy topics contact us today at info@lelexprime.com



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