Research has shown time and again that everyone thinks they are above average.

The most famous study, conducted by David Dunning, a psychologist at Cornell, showed that 94% of college professors rated themselves above average relative to their peers.

This has been replicated across a variety of situations, industries, and professions. We all think we are better than the next person. It’s this cognitive dissonance that accounts for many errors, biases, and bad decisions that we inadvertently make on a daily basis.

If we all think we are better than the next person at what we do, then it makes sense that we all assume what we are doing is the best way to do things.

Take a time-out, think about why you are doing your job the way you are doing it, and ask if there is a better way that could REALLY make you better than the average.

If you would like to make sure the decision you are making is scientifically validated, and not biased, email us at to apply for a free round of research.

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