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Step 2– Objectives

Where do you go after the foundation is built? Well it’s KPIs and objectives of course. There is some variance depending on the exact objective but here are the core processes.

Now that we have a directional frame to understanding humans and what drives them to behave in certain ways; we need to pick up more data about the specific objectives. This means sending out bots to crawl the internet and pick up keywords, images, audio or video.

Most often this is specific to a brand, objective and/or platform (team, influencer, marketing channel).

In this phase we pick up huge amounts of data in strings and even whole articles. The algorithms (magicians) then get to work based on our understanding of social sciences. Here I usually like to get super dorky and write about stuff like Neurolinguistics or Collective Dynamics. However, I will avoid my basic instincts and stick to the goal of this document.

We measure things like:

What order are words in (Syntax) + What words are chosen (Semantics) + The meaning of these words in communication (Pragmatics) = Context (More on language <onion article>)

+ Where were the words and images published?

+ How long ago where they published?

+ How many people look at the stuff that was published?

+ How many other people published similar things?

These are a few of the variables that add up to equal contextual relevance. We assign this value to every single bit of data we pull in and compare it to every other bit we collect. Yikes, thank goodness for AI or we would have some issues reading all that data.

The list goes on here but I think these examples illuminate the gist of what I am getting at here. In this step we create a snapshot of how the public is discussing a brand or idea as well as what that brand is intending to project into the world at large.

Step 3– Making sense of it all

Take step 1 and 2 then mash them together (munge is the nerd term). This is where we start getting to the outputs that drive outcomes. The insights that are developed at this phase include things like:

Behavioral Insights detailing the answer to your question. These insights are presented as the foundation to justify our answer to your question.

Market Segmentation’s, demographics, brand alignments, media usage

Behavioral Attributes like why these people buy things or why they are fans of a certain influencer.

We continue to uptake data from steps 1 and 2 during this phase for future use and to ensure that these outputs are valid. Actually, we have a pretty rigorous set of rules that we adhere to make sure this is true. Once again I’ve omitted it here but it is available for long winded academic discussions in the future.

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