Instead of dampening growth, the Covid-19 pandemic has made Lelex Prime’s offering more valuable.

With stay-at-home orders, companies couldn’t rely on traditional methods, such as in-person focus groups, for consumer market research.

One big pharmaceutical company told the Olathe startup, “We literally can’t get these answers anywhere else,” Lelex co-founder Brendan Reilly recalled. It resulted in a “slew” of projects…..

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About Lelex Prime:
Lelex Prime is a next generation behavioral research firm that helps companies make more meaningful connections with people and to create experiences, products, and services that resonate on a more profoundly human level.

We use the science of Collective Dynamics to better understand what motivates human behavior. Collective Dynamics studies the use of digital media as part of everyday life. In essence we study the use of language over time to reveal patterns in human behavior.

The result is a higher confidence in product innovation and marketing/brand decisions.

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