The crystal ball aka super magic (Emergence Predictive Modeling)

You’ve made it to the final chapter. The culmination of our magical methodology. No dragons to fight here only armor to give you the competitive advantage.

Probably the most fun product in our suite. Stick with me here because this one is our favorite. We take the data from steps 1-3 and run computer simulations to predict outcomes; all based on science. This one is going to be tough to not get geeky but here we go.

We take all the data representing the population in question and simulate it on a computer (well cloud or supercomputer yeah petaflops). The simulation makes subtle adjustments in variables and runs lots of cycles really fast.

Here is a good analogy. Compare it to the flu and we can explain it pretty simply.

You don’t get the flu every time you walk by someone that’s infected. There are lots of variables to consider like proximity, your current health, history, immunization, etc. Now replace the word “flu” with “opinion” or “idea”. By treating the passing of ideas and opinions like viruses and accounting for a massively complex system we can simulate outcomes before they happen.

The Conclusion

It’s not magic it’s all science that’s packaged up and reported in an easy to understand, concise format.

This is the tip of the spear. We also understand that needs are not linear. What you need to support your clients in April is likely vastly different that August. It is our goal at Lelex Prime to work hand in hand with you to develop the rest of the spear, armor and maybe a dagger, heck let’s get wild and throw in a battleaxe. I couldn’t resist a little medieval battle gear reference.

The point is we develop bespoke subscription based solutions to inform all of your decisions giving you the competitive advantage.

By developing subscriptions based on your fluid needs we are an on demand resource that is always green. No need for long churn times or the pain of allotting unexpected dollars as your needs fluctuate.  

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