Science. Amplified.

Our systems are comprised of several Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning modules that work together to clearly depict human behavior, as it relates to your specific business goals.

To ensure validity these systems integrate research done by 425 primary researchers, spanning 17 scientific specialties like Sociology, Collective Dynamics, Mathematical Epidemiology, and Neurolinguistics. Consumers across the world add their collective voice as our technology analyzes massive stores of information published on the web.

For a more detailed overview of the technology behind Lelex Prime contact us. We would love to talk nerdy with you.

Human Collective Dynamics

Human Collective Dynamics focuses on understanding the use of digital media as part of everyday life. This field study strives to understand how the digital footprint left by humanity reveals patterns of human behavior, social relationships and concepts of the self.

This recognized field of study has been lead by Lelex Prime co-founder Richard R. Neal II.


Our research methodologies are not contingent upon first party data. We do not harvest or require access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in order to develop deep actionable insights. We analyze client data as part of our process and run models with it to strengthen our knowledge base. Lelex Prime does not retain any PII for ongoing research after client data is analyzed.

This is a big part of our unique value proposition… we don’t rely on PII to do our job.