DHPs are the core of Human Experience Intelligence (HXI). They are data-generated models that provide marketers with 360-degree views into the minds of their customers and prospects that can help proactively identify and understand human needs before they are expressed.

Using DHPs, Lelex Prime provides marketers with quantifiable, emotional and dimensional segmentation. They are designed specifically to provide insight into customer behavior in order identify the necessary conditions for conversion in any channel and at any stage in the customer journey.

Unlike traditional, fictionalized persona, DHPs are created using real-world data, behavioral sciences and advanced algorithms to uncover customer interests, opinions and attitudes for more detailed segmentation, accurate targeting and relevant positioning.

Go Beyond Traditional Segmentation

Smart Segmentation™ is more advanced form of segmentation that groups a number of customers into specific segments based on various factors including behavioral predictions to target and appeal to the tastes, needs, wants, and desires of the individuals that make up the segment.

The goal of Smart Segmentation™ is to help marketers target audience needs more specifically for increasing engagement, conversion and retention which leads to higher customer lifetime value and overall growth. And with Smart Segmentation™, you can execute more personalized marketing without the cost, complexity and danger of using first party data.