By: Brendan Reilly

A couple of things strike me when I watched this…

1. Man Steve, those jeans are something else

2. Oh nevermind Steve, the audience’s outfits are much worse

3. He is DEAD ON with this message

I’m not even an Apple lover (more of a Google/Androider) but I love how it’s so much more than selling hardware, or software. It’s understanding how to make people’s lives better. And it’s not just the aesthetic experience he’s talking about. But it’s understanding the intricate ways his products solve real problems for people.

So often in marketing and sales, we get wrapped up in vanity metrics, “flavors of the week” like “Influencer marketing” and “Social Listening”. These can be good tools to attain your goals, but take a moment away from your busy schedule, stop and think about the real reason you have a paying job….or better yet, why your company even exists. In some form or fashion you exist to:

Provide value to humans.

And in order to provide value to humans, or as Steve puts it…”Understand the customer experience” you need to understand first…the humans you are marketing and selling to.

If you are interested in understanding what motivates humans to take action, you can contact us today at and learn how we can help you grow your awareness, conversion and retention metrics through decoding the human decision making process.

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