Want to get a raise? Make a sale? Or simply make a good impression? 

Buy them a coffee. 

Research shows that holding a warm cup of coffee is enough to make people think that strangers are more welcoming and trustworthy. While holding a cold drink had the opposite effect.

It’s amazing how multi-variate the human decision making process is…yet through deconstructing this process we see just how predictable homo sapiens truly are. 

Equally as impressive is the impact the right choice architecture can have on outcomes and behaviors. 

Understanding your customer’s behaviors and decision making has never been more important than it is in today’s ever evolving business environment. The brands that know how best to align their products with the needs of the population, and how best to motivate that population with effective communication (marketing), will be the few to find consistent growth.

For reference to the science: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/features/extract-nudge-by-richard-h-thaler-amp-cass-r-sunstein-1650321.html

About Lelex Prime

Lelex Prime helps brands make products that people love, and marketing that motivates. 

Rooted in the science of Collective Human Dynamics and leveraging the power of A.I., Machine Learning, NLP and Agent Based Modeling, Lelex Prime empowers brands with the knowledge of a population’s human experience so they can make smarter product and marketing decisions.


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