How to avoid bias in the market research process?

People don’t always say what they actually will do.

And even when they mean well, they don’t know why they even do what they do. 

Look at this excerpt about the effect of subliminal cuing on our behavior:

“Subliminal cuing and unconscious priming influence numerous behaviors unrelated to this book. People think potato chips taste better when hearing crunching sounds. We like a neutral stimulus more if, just before seeing it, a picture of a smiling face is flashed for a twentieth of a second. The more expensive a supposed (placebo) painkiller, the more effective people report the placebo to be. Ask subjects their favorite detergent; if they’ve just read a paragraph containing the word “ocean,” they’re more likely to choose Tide—and then explain its cleaning virtues.”Robert M. Sapolsky, Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

Pretty wild!? Read the word “ocean” and you not only think Tide detergent is the best…you will actually be able to explain why Tide is the best!

Understanding the social sciences can help all market researchers, marketers, and brand strategy professionals remove the bias in their decision making, which ultimately leads to great outcomes for your career and your company.


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