In his book, “Everybody Lies”, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz does a great job at researching the dangers of how relying solely on Social Media analysis is rife with bias. You see, humans want their social network to view them in a positive light, and adjust how they present themselves to their network to portray and idealized version of themselves. In short, we are all vain and shallow and lie about our “fancy lives” on social media (just kidding…sort of).    

To show just how stark the contrast is between reality and social reality let’s look at how women tweet, insta post, or facebook posts about their husband vs. what they Google about them. 

The most common concepts related to women posting about their husband on social media were the “My husband is so handy around the house, I’m so proud of him”, “He is great with the kids”, and “He’s handsome and charming”. Sounds great right? But what if we look at what women are Googling about their husbands?

A look at just a few of the most Googled phrases a wife is searching for about her husband. 



Not really a glowing review of humanity. But this shows the true, unbiased look at what some women REALLY think about their husbands vs. the life that many portray on Facebook. (It should be noted…husbands have the same type of results as well when searching about their wives…this was chosen as it was focused on in the book). 

The key takeaway here is that social media listening has a place in understanding trends and human behavior…but as a piece of the larger picture…not the end all be all. 

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