Emerging trends in eSports

We’ve written before about the vastly popular eSports and how to appropriately understand this booming industry, and more importantly, understand who is engaging with eSports. You can read about the audience overview here → eSports Fans vs Gamers

Lelex Prime gets asked a lot about eSports nowadays. Seems like every agency and brand is trying to wrap their minds around what the heck to do with this industry. One thing we’ll cover in this post is that while eSports will continue to grow, it could be slowing down in certain parts of the world and that could have a dramatic trickle down effect on the sport as a whole.

In a recent analysis of the growth inhibiting factors of eSports some interesting insights were identified:

China (and to a lesser extent South Korea) presents currently as a “mixed-bag” within the developing forecasts based mainly on a culturally-reinforced stigma and politically-active campaign against “Internet Addiction.”  There are around 113,000 internet cafes in China which on the lower income spectrum serve as the only internet access for youth. Compound this with a cultural family dynamic that keeps families to just one child and parents who exhibit an extreme dedication to work. These children are left to find a sense of community in the digital world. According to some estimates there are 6,300,000 “internet addicted” youth in China.

Entire Mental Health facilities and Hospital wings are devoted to curing what is called an “epidemic infecting Chinese (Asian) youth.”

Lelex Prime was able to dive deeper and begin to build out predictions of how serious these growth inhibitors are, will they spread (ie- is this the beginning of a larger trend that we will see in the Western World? Or is it more siloed towards China/South Korea and more of a cultural approach to being digitally connected”), are there certain titles affected by this specifically, are the growth indicators greater or lesser than the growth inhibitors, among many others.

If you’d like to learn more about the ramifications of these growth inhibitors as it relates to eSports please reach out. We would love to talk.


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